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Planning your Trip to China 3

July 27, 2007

7. Language: Mandarin is the major language for communication in China, even in different provinces with their native language. Please note that most of the Chinese cannot speak or write English. Please remember if you need any help, please call the hotel that you are staying and ask for help from the hotel telephone operator or front desk manager or concierge. They can help you to translate what you want and do the translation. Don’t leave your hotel without bringing your hotel’s telephone number. If you are talking business, then you can hire the interpreter for the translation. Price range is around RMB200 to RMB500 per hour with minimum three hours hiring. Normally your hotel will help you to find the interpreter. This only applies to the 4 stars and above hotels in the core and secondary cities. For the rural cities, it will be a bit difficult to find people who speak English. Even if they speak English but not fluent. Please make sure the people fully understand what your meaning.

In the coming future, many foreigner are learning to speak Mandarin. Therefore, it will be very helpful if you can speak and understand the Chinese simplify letters when you travel or doing business in China!

8. Climate Addition: As I have mentioned that Changjiang River separates Northern part of China and Southern part of China. During Winter, only the Northern China has the central heating supplied. However, you will feel your skin very dry. Therefore you will need to bring your skin care and body lotion and use them often. Also please note that people in China have a custom to wear two pants in Winter, no matter they are in Northern or Southern China. People in the Northern part of China are not to bath daily during Winter period. Many families’ flats are without bathing room. They have to go to the public bathing center to take the hot bath. They have to pay a small amount of money for the hot bath

Please also note that there is an energy saving policy in China regarding the Air-conditioning in Summer and the central Heating System Supply in Winter.

Summer period – public places like department stores can only turn on the air-conditioning from March 15th to September 15th for both Northern and Southern parts of China. The hotels and government buildings air-conditioning are allowed and central controlled room temperature only at 26 degree centigrade.

Winter period – Central Heating system will start on November 1st for the Northern part of China only. If you cannot stand the heating system in you hotel room, you can turn off the heating and don’t forget to keep some hot water in tub in your hotel bathing room that make the room a bit humid not so dry. Please DON’T OPEN YOUR HOTEL ROOM WINDOW or else you will catch cold and flu very easily.


Planning your trip to China 2

July 26, 2007

6. Medicine: Be sure to bring your own medicines (including flu and antidiarrheal medicine “imodium” – A MUST due to the oily foods that you might not get use to it) and put them in your hand carry bag. Sometime you might loose your check-in luggage. It is difficult to buy your own medicines in China.

In case you really forget to bring the flu and antidiarrheal medicine, you can ask for your staying hotel doctor for help. Normally the hotel doctor will give you medicine for temporary treatment. You will need to see doctor on your own if you are really ill. You can consult the hotel that you are staying for the doctor referral.

If you are outside away from your hotel, then remember you can only buy your medicines from the big and brand Drugs Stores. There are a risk you can get the fake medicines in the small drugs stores.

If accident occurs that you have to go to the local hospital for treatment, be sure to bring enough money. It is because you have to pay first for each item. If no money, then you have to bear your own risks. It is better for you to check first.

Therefore please ensure that YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TRAVEL and MEDICAL INSURANCE for your safety and health before going to China Trips.

Planning your Trip to China 1

July 25, 2007

China’s population reach 13 billion. Business men usually think that if China 13 billion people, each one give you one dollar profit, you will have 13 billion dollars!!! However, this is not true. In fact, it might be difficult for you to earn even ten cents due to many policies and people’s mindset!!!

For the time being, “Good Relationship” is still a must for doing business especially in China if you know the Government Officials.

1. China Visa: You must get your China visa. Please contact your local Travel Agency and confirm the necessary documentation for application. Sometime if you are in a hurry, so far as I know, you can get a temporary period visa when landed in Beijing. Be sure to check it first.

2. China Holidays: You have to know when will be the best time to go to China. Please check whether China is having these long Holidays such as Chinese New Year; Labor Days; National Days Holidays. China Government prolong the usual holidays by changing the working days and grouping a minimum 7 days holidays for people can travel other places. For the core cities, traveling time will not be an issue. But for some of the secondary and rural cities, people will have their long holidays trips. Many shops and restaurants will close.

3. Weather & Climate: You have to check the weather first to bring your clothing. China divides Northern and Southern part by Changjiang River. Only the Northern part of China will have hot conditioning supply. Therefore Shanghai might be cool or cold for you during winter. Please check the weather and temperature first before you go to your China destination.

4. Time Zone: Time Zone is GMT -8 hours. For the Urumqi, there is two hours late difference.

5. Electricity: Electricity is 220v. Please make sure you have brought the right plug. It is advisable for you to bring your own plug for your camera; mobile phone charger or computer. The Hotel might not have enough plugs to lend you.