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China is an exciting place that you should visit

July 21, 2007

China is HOT these days especially in the coming years! There are around 33 provinces in China except Taiwan. Each province has its own culture and traditional custom that makes China so


China Trips Experiences: Do & Don’t

July 21, 2007



China is blooming! Sooner or later you will plan to have a trip to China.

This blog’s useful information will be a very important guide to you! This is not a tour guide but instead is a guide to protect yourself from traps; danger; doing business awareness etc. but most of all this can save your money spending!

I have been working as a miidle management that have to travel and work in China many cities for quite a long time. I would like to build this blog by sharing my experiences that I have learned both happy and expensive painful cases to share with you. Also if you have the same experiences – something you saw that is good or bad, you are mostly welcome to share in this blog.

This blog objective is to let this blog be an IMPORTANT China Trips HANDBOOK for for thise who want to save money and self protection from the fraud cases especially for the first time to China trips either for business or sight-seeing. With the information given, you will have a Happy Trip. Your business will certainly be protected and running smoothly!

Hope to build this blog as a blog with values that can help many people equipped with China Trips experiences!