Planning your trip to China 2

6. Medicine: Be sure to bring your own medicines (including flu and antidiarrheal medicine “imodium” – A MUST due to the oily foods that you might not get use to it) and put them in your hand carry bag. Sometime you might loose your check-in luggage. It is difficult to buy your own medicines in China.

In case you really forget to bring the flu and antidiarrheal medicine, you can ask for your staying hotel doctor for help. Normally the hotel doctor will give you medicine for temporary treatment. You will need to see doctor on your own if you are really ill. You can consult the hotel that you are staying for the doctor referral.

If you are outside away from your hotel, then remember you can only buy your medicines from the big and brand Drugs Stores. There are a risk you can get the fake medicines in the small drugs stores.

If accident occurs that you have to go to the local hospital for treatment, be sure to bring enough money. It is because you have to pay first for each item. If no money, then you have to bear your own risks. It is better for you to check first.

Therefore please ensure that YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TRAVEL and MEDICAL INSURANCE for your safety and health before going to China Trips.

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